Our Founders

Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance

Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance

Wilmington, NC

Established in 1991 as a way to build stronger peer relationships among hospitals along the coast of North Carolina, Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance has grown into one of the top hospital alliances in the country. Now serving a population of approximately one million people living in North and South Carolina, Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance aims to improve the health and wellness of those residing within our region through collaborative efforts.


Southern Atlantic Healthcare AllianceSouthern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance

Cary, NC

The Southern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance (SAHA) was established in 2004 to nurture collaborative relationships among member hospitals in order to improve the quality of health care. Our mission is to support and strengthen our members. We do this by facilitating networking and information dissemination, and by providing educational opportunities and volume aggregation to drive cost savings.